I just got done watching Zeitgeist: The Movie and doing a bit of research into The Fed (Federal Reserve) and it occurred to me that The Fed is in actuality the Central Bank of the United States of America. It is, in fact, a direct violation of our Constitutional Rights, an illegal private corporation that has the monopoly on all monetary creation within the U.S.A. for all legal tender in the form of U.S. dollars, has come about through corrupt politicians and groups of powerful peoples hunger for profit, and was enacted illegally without the correct percentage of states votes. First let us go through the creation of a dollar. The United States Government calls The Fed and asks for one dollar. The U.S. Government then writes up a note of one dollar worth of debt. They send this note over and in turn The Fed writes out a Dollar Bill and sends it back to the Government which circulates it in the form of salaries, funds etc. Therefore if our government paid off all of its primary debt, there would not be a single dollar left in the U.S. But it gets worse. Every time the government takes a dollar out in debt there is immediate interest added on which multiplies through future interest. Thus we are caught in a downward spiral. And what’s worse, every dollar in your wallet or purse is worth nothing in actual physical resources. Your entire pool of monetary wealth isn’t even worth the paper and ink it is made up of (that’s owned by the government). We, our government included, is perpetually and continuously enslaved by The Fed to work off a debt that can never be repaid. Everything we own will eventually belong to The Fed through interest. Three months you work to pay off the interest of these illegal, unconstitutional, unlawful debts through Income Tax without a dollar of primary debt paid off and further debt being taken out each and every day. Money coming out of nowhere, increasing inflation, worth nothing but the debt it is made of. The Fed also operates neither as a private entity nor as an arm of the government. It creates its own laws and operating procedures. We do not even elect the heads of this organization, the Chairman is appointed by the U.S. President.            


My name is Tynan Hughes-Meyer, I’m an eighth grader living in Vancouver, Washington a large suburb of Portland, Oregon. I have two very different, very loving families and I split my time with them week by week. I have three little brothers (two half brothers, one step-brother), one little sister (step-sister), and four parents. I’m in the top 1 percentile of all public eighth grade students in the state and currently heading into the IB program for my freshman year. I enjoy reading, writing (thus a blog), watching movies (especially old classics), traveling, eating interesting foods (my favorite is eel), playing video games, and conducting research in areas of interest. I enjoy debate and discussion concerning politics (I’m a libertarian). My dads family is liberal and my moms family is more conservative, giving me a perfect mid view of political subjects. In this blog I am hoping to review books, games, and movies, along with writings about traveling, reviews concerning restaurants and food, political opinions and a few other miscellaneous articles.